In order to develop and implement inclusive climate actions plans that deliver on the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, city governments require access to reliable data and information to not only design the most impactful policies to tackle climate change, but to also monitor and evaluate the success of such programmes to enable improvements and optimization in policy.

Recognising that city governments face significant constraints and challenges when it comes to climate data, the Empowering Cities with Data (ECWD) Programme has been designed to help C40 and non-C40 cities overcome these in an accessible way.


1. Data Management

Through extensive research and engagement with cities, C40 is developing the first ever city climate data management framework to help cities establish and improve their data management strategies.

This will be accompanied by case studies from cities to provide real-world examples and practices of data management themes and concepts. A tool will be made available for cities to assess how they match up to best practice, and identify areas for improvement.

2. Data Gaps
Currently a pilot, C40 is awarding small grants (of up to 50,000 USD) to ten C40 cities in the Global South this year to support with the collection of critical data required to develop and implement climate policies and projects.


Please contact Giovanni Tedesco for more information or to share further ideas on collaboration and programme development: