C40 City Advisers

C40 City Advisers are dedicated staff supporting selected member cities in the development and implementation of priority policies, programmes, and projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and/or climate risks.

The City Adviser Programme represents a significant and tangible investment for C40 in the capacity of member cities, and benefits of the programme extend to all C40 cities by sharing its lessons through C40 Networks and other opportunities for peer-to-peer engagement. City Advisers will unlock climate action in C40 cities, contribute to the growing body of knowledge and work to ensure that findings are communicated throughout the organisation.

Because C40 Cities apply to host a City Adviser through a competitive process in which they propose specific climate priorities and areas of focus, each City Adviser serves in a different capacity and provides different expertise.

Application and Selection Process

In April 2014, C40 opened a new application and selection process, designed to identify cities with the greatest demonstrated need and projects with the greatest potential for impact. Through this process, City Advisers were allocated to selected cities based on city needs and potential for impact. Information about selection criteria is available to C40 Cities through C40 Regional Directors. By launching a competitive application process, C40 spurred cities to increase or expand specific actions they were taking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or improve climate resilience, in a way that would not otherwise be possible. 

C40’s City Adviser Programme are as geographically representative and thematically diverse as possible. Upon placement, C40 City Directors serve a pre-determined term up to two years, with a potential extension in exceptional circumstances.