Climate Positive Learning Program -- Second Phase

March 26, 2012 - March 28, 2012 Melbourne, Australia

The second phase of the Climate Positive Learning Program is a three day program, comprising two dedicated days exclusive to the Climate Positive Development Program Development Partners, and a third day where Development Partners will attend joint sessions with city officials at the C40 Sustainable Communities Workshop. These two workshops are being co-located to build stronger interaction and collaboration between the two groups.

The first phase of the Learning Program, hosted by Stockholm Royal Seaport Innovation 27-29 September 2011, focused on developing baseline carbon emissions profiles, and hearing about technical solutions from experts and through site visits in Stockholm. This second phase will focus on implementation of Climate Positive deliverables. Particular emphasis will be placed on the creation and application of Climate Positive Roadmaps, the pragmatic challenges that projects are facing in their developments, and the solutions that they have found as they strive to achieve a Climate Positive outcome.

In this setting, ample opportunity will be provided for developers to engage and interact with their counterparts from across the Climate Positive Development program. The first two days of the Learning Program will focus exclusively on the Development Partners participating in the program. On the third day of the workshop, the scope of discussion will expand to include participants in the C40 Cities Sustainable Communities workshop. The joint session will explore the interplay of sustainable districts and policy issues in working sessions with Climate Positive Development Partners, key stakeholders, and government policy makers.