Mayor Ying Yong, Elected 2017

Case Studies

The Shanghai international tourism and resorts zone central gas distributed energy station is an important energy facility for the zone, which is executed and operated by Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone New Energy Co., Ltd incorporated by Huadian Fuxin Energy Limited Company and Shanghai Yiliu Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. This project is jointly designed by East China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd of China Power Engineering Consulting Group and Shanghai Intelligence Power Co., Ltd. 

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This project aims to construct a rooftop photovoltaic power station of 4.86MW installed capacity by renting the roof of plant, Building 6, No.19, Zhenglang Road, Shanghai Lingang Fengxian Economic Development Co., Ltd. and the roof of plant, Building 6, No.1881, Zhengbo Road, Shanghai Lingang Wusi Economic Development Co., Ltd. The project involves solar photovoltaic components, a grid-connected inverter, metering installation and power distribution system. All electricity generated will be connected to the grid.

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