Mayor Chen Jining, Elected May, 2017

Case Studies

Beijing Chaoyang Circular Economy Industrial Park is located in the south of Jinzhan Township, Chaoyang District. The total area of the park is 1,956,500 square meters, or 2,935 mu. It is among the first industrialised waste treatment parks in Beijing, and has become the practice base of the School of Environment of Tsinghua University, the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of Peking University, China Agricultural University, and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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The “Green Traveler Platform” has been initiated by the Beijing Environmental Exchange, a corporate domestic and international environmental equity public trading platform. The platform unites car networking companies, insurance companies, banks and other partners to promote a new integrated model in which public and private join hands to encourage a low-carbon society. The participants are rewarded based on how much they cut off driving. They may be rewarded up to hundreds or thousands RMB.

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