The Mexico City’s Ministry of the Environment manages the voluntary Sustainable Buildings Certification Program (1). The Program aims to foster sustainable construction and usage of commercial, industrial and residential buildings by awarding certification that reflect various levels of sustainability performance in the areas of energy efficiency, water, mobility, solid waste, social and environmental responsibility, and green roofs.

Voluntary participation from building owners and tenants is incentivized through tax reductions, reduced energy and water bills, access to project financing, expedited permitting procedures, and finally, prospects of increased rental yields from green premiums.



Since its creation in 2009, 40 buildings have been certified as of 2015, resulting in a total reduction of 20.1 million kWh of electricity, 205,690 m3 of potable water and 66,120 tons of CO2eq. For existing buildings with baselines, these represent actual savings. For new buildings with no baseline, these figures represent estimate savings from a business as usual building design.

Property and payroll taxes reduction incentives for participants in the Program are generating important economic benefits. Certification also provides reduced building operational costs due to increased energy and water efficiency performance. Certification also leads to increases in property values.


Reasons for success

Conducting physical improvements in existing and new buildings, equipment and systems, raise environmental sustainability and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, in addition for commercial, residential and industrial owners and tenants to qualify for property tax and payroll tax reductions.


(1) Mexico City Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Buildings Certification Program

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