Rio + C40 Morning Preview

Good morning everyone! There is a growing excitement on the ground in Rio de Janiero, as C40 Chair New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes prepare to host mayors from C40 Cities across the globe. The Rio + C40 event happening today will provide a platform for more groundbreaking announcements, in-depth discussions, and a global perspective from some of the world’s leading mayors and environmental actors. 

For more information on each of the sessions below, be sure to check in throughout the day at , watch us live and follow us on Twitter at @C40Cities.

Starting at 10 AM BRT, Rio + C40: Megacity Mayors Taking Action on Climate Change swings into high gear:

Opening Ceremony & Announcements (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM BRT)
Participants include:

  • Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, C40 Chair, City of New York
  • Former President William J. Clinton (via Satellite)
  • Secretary Lisa Jackson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Rachel Kyte, The World Bank
  • Mayor Eduardo Paes, City of Rio de Janeiro
  • Mayor Mauricio Macri, City of Buenos Aires
  • Mayor Luciano Ducci, City of Curitiba
  • Lord Mayor Eckart Wuerzner, City of Heidelberg
  • Mayor Kadir Topbas, City of Istanbul
  • Executive Mayor Mpho Franklyn Tau, City of Johannesburg
  • Governor Babatunde Fashola, City of Lagos
  • Mayor Gilberto Kassab, City of São Paulo
  • Mayor Won Soon Park, City of Seoul
  • Todd Sterns, Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Roundtable Conversation #1: Governance, Advocacy, and Institutional Framework on Sustainable Development (11:25 AM – 12:35 PM BRT) This roundtable conversation will focus on the importance of local governance and commitment to collective action in the fight against climate change and the promotion of sustainable urban development, highlighting the leadership C40 Mayors demonstrate in this space.

Roundtable Conversation #2: Green Growth & Poverty Eradication (2:20 PM – 3:20 PM BRT) This session will focus on the importance of planning strategically, ensuring that our climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts are also a means to drive the green economy and poverty eradication.

Roundtable Conversation #3: Climate Adaptation and Risk Assessment (3:20 PM – 4:20 PM BRT) This session will focus on the importance of climate change adaptation and risk assessment for C40 cities. A brief showcase presentation will focus on how the City of Rio de Janiero’s Operations Center helps the city to monitor and manage climate change adaptation.

Closing Plenary (4:50 PM – 5:50 PM) This session will provide a forum for C40 and other organizations to discuss our collective commitment to addressing climate change. It will also highlight the importance of improving communication and coordination between cities and those at the national level.