Rio + C40: Cities shaping the discussion on a global solution

The Rio+20 Earth Summit was a historic opportunity for global leaders to advance sustainable development on a global scale, protecting the Earth’s natural resources while securing the health and welfare of humankind. 

While the success of the Summit and its outcomes can be debated, many agree that cities are leading the way in battling the impacts of global climate change. This consensus was reflected at Rio + C40, a daylong event organized by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which showcased the tangible actions are now taking across the world. 

From the event’s exciting announcements to C40 Chair New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s calls to action, Rio + C40 sent a strong message to the global community that cities have a key role to play in sustainable development. Check out how major news outlets are tracking this story:

  • Associated Press: “While squabbling between rich and poor countries casts a pall over the upcoming United Nations' Rio+20 conference on sustainable development, the world's mayors said Tuesday that they were already taking real, measurable action to stave off environmental disaster and preserve natural resources for future generations.”
  • BBC News: “The C40 group of cities are focusing on ways to reduce that carbon footprint, with New York City's government aiming to reduce municipal greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2017. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York city, and chair of the C40 group said cities that are doing things about the environment have confidence, optimism and a future.”
  • CNN: “As world leaders converge in Rio De Janeiro this week for the Rio+20 Summit, CNN has teamed up with The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and the Carbon Disclosure Project to show the risks climate change poses to five major global cities and how those cities are trying to protect their booming populations and complex economies from climate disaster. Check out the interactive.”
  • “When it comes to solving climate change challenges, city mayors aren't waiting around. On the eve of this week's Rio+20 event, a group of mayors around the globe announced they have taken steps to slash emissions of greenhouse gases by 248 million metric tons in 2020, and by more than 1 billion tons by 2030.”

The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, and the Atlantic Cities blog also weighed in on actions from C40 Cities across the globe.