Research Spotlight: C40 Cities Lead the Way in Measurement & Reporting – Infographic

In this next installment of the C40 Research Spotlight series, we present findings from this year's CDP Cities reporting cycle. A record 61 C40 cities reported to CDP in 2014. The results show that C40 cities are leading the way in measuring and reporting emissions, risks, and taking mitigation and adaptation actions. Cities have been doing this consistently for the past four years, and the quality and breadth of city-reported data is only getting better. – Seth Schultz, C40 Director of Research, Measurement & Planning

Last week, C40 and partners CDP and AECOM released a report on how cities are taking actions to protect their local economies in the face of climate change.

The report’s findings are based on data from a large number of cities across the world, including 61 C40 cities representing a population of more than 285 million people and 21 percent of global GDP.

Together, C40 and partners have created an infographic highlighting C40 city data from the analysis, which illustrates how C40 cities are leading the way when it comes to measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

Nearly 80 percent of the C40 cities reporting to CDP have completed a risk assessment for climate change impacts, compared to only 60 percent of all cities surveyed. Likewise, 67 percent of C40 cities have completed an emissions inventory, compared to only 52 percent of all cities surveyed.

As a result of the continued leadership shown by C40 cities reporting their climate change data, as well as the leadership of other cities around the world following suit, we had nearly a 100 percent growth in the total number of cities participating from 2013 to 2014 for a total of 207 cities. Congratulations to all cities involved for continuing to set an example for other cities around the world to follow.

More information regarding the C40 Measurement and Reporting Network can be found here.

To view the infographic, click here.