Building “the future we want”

Cities are growing rapidly, and the investments made in them today will shape the patterns of transportation, land use, construction and energy use that define the way of life for millions of urban dwellers.

The right kind of city development, then, represents a huge opportunity to create sustainable communities, vibrant economies, and healthy populations.

It’s an opportunity – and a challenge – that the C40’s Director of Sustainable Communities Initiative Zach Tofias knows well. Zach has a post up today on our National Geographic blog City Solutions in which he envisions the future we want for cities around the world.

From the City Solutions piece:

As centers of innovation and engines of growth, cities are increasingly showing the way forward. Imagine an urban community that functions as a carbon sink rather than a carbon source. Think of the possibilities of a city district whose energy systems use waste as a resource, or whose highly efficient schools, offices and homes are able to heat and cool themselves with minimal energy. These are not dreams, nor even mere plans on paper, but are tangible examples of real projects underway in cities around the world. They are the result of strong leadership by individual project developers and city governments, as well as a growing trend in which these stakeholders collaborate through networks that foster knowledge-sharing on everything from policies to technologies.

It’s a promising future where cities are a canvas for new sustainable development. Read the whole piece here.