August Rewind: 3D Interactive Infographic: Cities as Solution Centers

Yesterday we shared with you an infographic about the important role cities can play in the fight against climate change. Today we want to share with you an infographic that shows actual solutions being put in place by C40 cities. While being informative and instructive, today's infographic also uses a new, unique (yes even cool) 3D technology to help tell the story in a more compelling manner. (The technology is brought to you by our partners at the Barbarian group.) So take a look and let us know what you think – not only about the solutions our cities are providing, but also about the technology we are using to tell the story.

Whether it's seizing the untapped potential of a building rooftop or making methane emissions a positive contributor to the environment, cities are breeding grounds for smart solutions to problems that contribute to climate change.

A new C40 infographic showcases those solutions in 3D with case studies from C40 cities. As this cutting-edge graphic illustrates, innovative solutions - from waste to energy initiatives and urban transportation fixes, to energy, water and lighting programs - are working every day to slash greenhouse gas emissions and create better places to live.

We welcome you to explore this interactive infographic and share it with your friends and colleagues. Be sure to let us know at @C40Cities which of these solutions are transforming your city into a more sustainable, livable community. And if you're interested in learning more about the cool, new technology behind this endeavor, visit our friends at the Barbarian Group.